In the era of the internet and viral marketing, where the customer experience comes first, there is hardly any other more engaging marketing tool in the real estate domain than the virtual tours.

Furthermore, using the internet to reach a greater number of potential buyers is to not a novelty anymore and the real estate market is not an exception to the rule.

1. Save time and money
Interactive and dynamic virtual tours can catch the attention of prospects all around the world with just a click of the mouse. Many might say that it is like having an open house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and guess what, they are not far away from reality! Who wouldn’t want to get their property in front of millions of potential buyers and therefore sell it faster? Well, this is exactly what a virtual tour does! It simplifies everything, until it becomes the perfect marketing instrument for you to use!

2. Get ahead of your competitors and reach more buyers
Rather than just seeing a sketch of the property, with this amazing tool a potential buyer has the virtual key of the property, and therefore the ability to view it from any angle he wishes and irrespective of the time zone he lives in. Consequently, virtual tours can tremendously increase the sales-rate of a listing and, more than that, help a realtor get more listings.

3. Target your prospective audience
Have you ever thought how would it be to convert every website hit into real buyers, or every visit into a genuine purchase? Well, as we all live in this hectic society where time is money, virtual tours come in handy. Get your buyers’ attention with an eye-catching virtual tour that will help you keep online visitors on your website longer, but at the same time give them the feeling of being on the property while watching full color 360 panoramas. By having such an efficient marketing aid, you also filter the property’s visitors. As a result, you don’t lose valuable time with people who just want to visit the realty, but are not particularly interested in buying it! No more blind visits from now on!

4. Easily get their attention and ring the bell
You only have one chance, so take advantage of it! Buyers come first, there is no doubt about this. Hence, making them become familiar with the property should be your main concern. You don’t know how to make them fill part of the scene? The solution is simple to show them how their life would be after moving on that property and the best way to do this is with a virtual tour. Transparency and honesty can become the triggering points that will make the difference! The only thing you have to do is to give them the freedom to virtually walk through the property.

5. No software is needed
No more headaches, no more trouble! High-quality virtual tours made by professional companies do not require software or any other IT skills! Market your property easily and effortlessly, by using today’s most impressive real estate tool: our virtual tours! Hint: you can also easily integrate it into any website and share the link with potential customers! Just try it and feel the amazing results!

6. Plenty of visual information and useful tricks
All the necessary details are gathered in one single place with a virtual tour! Besides photo gallery, information regarding amenities, hot spots or even mortgage information can turn out to be of much help for prospectors. What is more, by using a virtual tour, you can transform visitors from passive into ‘active shoppers’. It only depends on the quality of your virtual tour, so choose wisely your virtual tour provider.

7. Less stress, more chances to sell it!
It is a common saying that if you have succeeded to catch a possible buyer’s interest, then you are just one step away from achieving your objective, that is to say selling the house! How do you do this? A virtual tour has all the features you are looking for and facilitates the entire process – it actively involves the buyer, catches his interest and awakens the desire to buy the property.

Viewers can choose what images to watch and focus on the details they are really interested in, with the zoom in and zoom out feature. Moreover, irrespective of the season, the property will look just like you want it: tidy and attractive at any hour of the day and of the night.

8. Get more returns and boost your income!
More time spent on your listing, means more chances for you to actually sell the property! Showcase the key selling points of the house, identify the viewers’ needs and it will all turn into frequent returns! The more information you display, the better the odds are for your customer to feel confident and therefore buy the property faster!

9. Easily share it with family
Family is probably the most important thing for many of us, as a result there should be no surprise to think that their opinions weight a lot in the decision-making of buying a property. How can a prospector show them a property as close to reality as possible? Well, as you might already guess – through a virtual tour. Thus, they avoid the hustle of travelling and save the costs as well.

Having the possibility to visit both the exterior and the interior can make their lives easier, but at the same time give them the sense of trust and acceptance. Don’t complicate things when innovative solutions exist!

10. Email tour
Get your listings in front of possible buyers instantly, via email. You just need a list with the emails of potential clients and, in a matter of seconds, you can send them your presentation of the house – your magic virtual tour. Show them the house in a breathtaking way and for sure they will remember it! Virtual tours are your answer!