Email marketing is simple!

It is basically marketing that is done through emails – pretty self explanatory, right?
It is a method of marketing where companies send promotional messages or materials to a group of people. These group of people probably would’ve expressed some interest in that company in the past.
For example, they might have signed up for emails on the website.

What are the goals of email marketing?

  • Get new customers
  • Spread the word
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Develop trust and loyalty
  • Increase awareness
  • and many more….

There are many kinds of emails that are sent out with marketing in mind

  • Welcome emails: Simple emails that welcome your customer to your company. This email is often sent out when someone signs up for marketing emails.
  • Newsletters: Emails that share information about your company and what is new and happening. This is a great way to keep customers engaged.
  • Receipt emails: Emails that show receipts of purchases made on the website.
  • Feedback requests: Ask customers how you can improve on various things that your company in doing or even how your emails are!
  • Sales/ Promotions/ Cart emails: This pertains to you if you do sales online. You can send emails reminding people of items left in their cart, and ongoing or future promotions and sales.

These are just a few types of emails. Here is a little activity for you: Go to your inbox and figure out what kinds of marketing emails you get from other companies. Figure out what you like and don’t like and think about incorporating those into your emails.

So, can WhiteIronData help me with Email Marketing?

Uh, Duhhhh! We understand how the top email marketing engines in the industry and most importantly – we understand how to modify and personalize that to your business. Email Marketing is a great way of increasing ROI and we know all the tips and tricks to excel in that field!

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