Monthly Support, Maintenance, Analytics Services

We love our customers!!  We want them to succeed.   Our support service helps us protect and inform you in so many ways:

All websites in addition to updates, require maintenance.  This maintenance includes Google Analytics reports, site database and file backups, and security precautions to protect your data from hacking.  We provide all of these services in our monthly maintenance contract.   In addition, we simplify the process of data analytics by distilling this massive amount of data into easily understandable data points.  This service fee will continue as long as White Iron Data services the website.

  • Daily database backups  – These are critical to restoring the site if a hack happens
  • Weekly file backups – We do these weekly to capture most of the files and images uploaded weekly.
  • Weekly Plugin and WordPress Core Updates – This is critical as plugins are updated with new features and patching of security holes.
  • Access to premium (paid) wordpress plugins for form managment. (Formidable Pro)
  • Access to premium wordpress themes and updates. (Divi – Elegant Themes Pro with Monthly Updates)
  • Website service outages:  We track these outages and take actions if outages last longer than typical downtime windows. 
  • Install of Security Plugin to block bad guys – We purchase and install a powerful plugin that blocks idiots, hackers and various countries that just don’t need to access your site.
  • Google Analytics – Data reporting of site traffic emailed to site admins on a monthly basis.  We install and configure Google Analytics to track 100’s of data points on your site.   We have also built custom dashboards that we setup to email you monthly updates on key analytics.  We then work with you to understand and adapt to these data points.
  • SEO keyword tracking on key terms you want to be found under in search engines.  We know that websites are all about keywords and phrases.  We have a system we use to track the primary 3 search engines every do to know where you land in these search engines and give you historic data to see the progress which allows you to make changes and jump higher faster in SEO rankings.
  • And a new service called HotJar screen tracking and recording metrix to provide video heatmaps of how people interact with your site.  View the video of how HotJar works:

* The services and benefits listed above are part of a monthly subscription service.  If you choose to cancel this service you do not retain ownership of the premium plugins and all tracking, data collection, emails, site support and upgrades will end effective 30 days from end of last payment.   

Sample Tracking Analytics (click images for larger images):