PROFILE: Apartments/Rentals - White Iron Data - Bloomington
We helped Renaissance Rentals to redesign their website, content management, provide SEO tracking and other suggestions. Visit the Renaissance website now!
Rental Management Company, content management systems
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PROFILE: Apartments/Rentals

Case Study: Renaissance Rentals

Need: Website Redesign, Content Management, Automated System Updates

Years as a Customer: 8+

Solution:  Renaissance is a progressive rental management company based in Bloomington Indiana.  They pride themselves on high levels of customer service and unique rental property offerings.  They needed some help 8 years ago.  There website did not have any SEO and needed constant changes.  They were not happy with the design either.  We worked with Renaissance Rentals to redesign their website, incorporate content management systems, provide SEO tracking and suggestions.  Since the original redesign we have worked with them through 4 additional major website overhauls and numerous additional content management system feature changes.  Renaissance Rentals understands the importance of changing their content frequently and having control of their content.