Top 5 Rental Management plugins

Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate Rental Management plugin show down you’ve been waiting for!

We are going to be looking at 5 Rental Management Plugins you cna find on WordPress and figure out which ones are the best by analyzing their usability and features.

  1. About Rentals by White Iron Data

  2. This plugin, created by White Iron Data (who are experts in providing app development, PPC, web analytics and a plethora of other services, is a culmination of 20 years of research and development. It is truly designed with keeping the users in mind – having features like Community Features Manager, export to Craigslist, embedded Youtube videos and 360 degree virtual tours. This plugin is so easy to use and is a great deal for the features it offers.
    Check out the website here

    1. Apartment listing that meet SEO guidelines
    2. Apartment amenities manager for adding any amenity under the sun.
    3. Community features manager for adding any feature that any community might have
    4. Rent, square footage, area, location, and various other customizable search options
    5. Export your listings to Craiglist through our easy Export HTML feature.
    6. Youtube Video embedded on communities or apartments profiles
    7. Availability manager for allowing specific availability to apply to apartments so they can rent faster
    8. Reduce your calls-to-showings ratios by over 70% by using our apartment availability manager
    9. Subscriptions include all future updates as long as payment subscription is current
    10. Users can add apartments to their favorites and email their friends about their saved apartments, property managers receive copies of these emails
    11. Virtual Tour Uploads
    12. Image gallery tools for communities and apartments
    13. Availability manager allows property managers to easily update listings when apartments are rented.
    14. FAQs section on website and immediate customer service.

    Pricing: The About Rentals Plugin will support 5 communities and 5 apartments per community in the free version. If you are interested in adding unlimited communities and apartments, purchase the pro version license for $50/month.

    Overall, this plugin is absolutely amazing! Given all the features, you will not have a hard time trying to figure out how to quickly add or manage listings – the plugin does most of the work for you!

    Rating: 5/5

  3. BA Book Everything

  4. BA is a fast and powerful Booking engine with management system for theme/site developers to create any booking or rental sites (tours, hostels, apartments, cars, events etc., or all together). It’s highly customizable with hooks, so you need to have some programming skills to drive it on the top gear in your project.

    Check it out here:

    1. Booking rules for nights, days or event booking
    2. Custom categories (tours, hotels, apartments, cars, events etc.) with own booking rules
    3. Easy to create custom taxonomies from the administrator screen to use them when editing booking objects
    4. Easy to create schedule and prices
    5. Services and FAQ post types
    6. Google Maps API intergrated to show address map or find nearest meeting points (for tours etc.)
    7. Hooks for customization (developers)

    While this plugin is great, it does require some technical skills to implement it. It doesn’t have features that automatically edit listings like the About Rentals plugin does.

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 2/5

  5. SP Rental Manager

  6. Smarty Pants Rental Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows a rental agency to add listings to their WordPress powered website. The admin has the ability to add developments and add listings to those developments or freely add listings. Users can view listings and submit an application which is emailed to the desired email address.

    Check it out here:

    Free Features

    1. Users can browse listings
    2. Users can submit applications for an apartment listing
    3. Admin Can manage all developments
    4. Manage listings, you can also add a listing to a development.
    5. Define the legal terms in admin
    6. Ability to turn off or on the use of Social Security Number (SSL is required to use SSN)
    7. Print application of user

    Premium Features

    1. Print all applications of a development
    2. Ability to upload multiple images
    3. Integrate google maps into your listing view page
    4. Custom form builder allows you to build the application the way you want!

    Pricing: Premium Version – $100

    While this plugin has some extensive features, the free version doesn’t really have enough to support and smartly manage listings. The premium version is also quite expensive for the added features that it offers.

    Rating: 3/5

  7. RentPress

  8. Transform your WordPress website into an incredible apartment marketing tool. Delivering enterprise-level quality and features, all backed by industry veterans with a deep understanding of ​digital marketing best practices and ​ the online rental market. Meet RentPress for Apartments.

    Check it out here:

    1. Manually enter property information
    2. Manually enter floor plan
    3. Log files that can be referenced when something goes wrong

    Pricing: Free

    This plugin offers very few features when compared to the other ones. While it has only a few customization options, it doesn’t have the powerful features that can manage multiple apartment listings at once.

    Rating: 2/5

  9. Vacation Rental Listing, Management & Booking Plugin

  10. The Vacation Rental Management & Booking Plugin makes building a dynamic, great looking vacation rental
    website very easy. The plugin will create a searchable / sortable listing interface for all of your rentals on your

    Check it out here:

    1. Automatic emails when new bookings arrive.
    2. Automatic and configurable emails to your guests, owners and staff.
    3. Owner logins and owner statement generation.
    4. Automatic inventory management – when a property is booked, it is marked as unavailable across all channels and your website.
    5. Back office handling for walk-in/phone/email bookings.
    6. Nightly, weekly, monthly, per person and seasonal rate support.
    7. Maximize occupancy through minimum night, arrival day and departure day rules.
    8. Variety of discounts including length of stay discounts and coupon codes.
    9. Great looking multi-property and single-property booking calendars can be embedded into your website or blog.
    10. iCal importing and exporting.
    11. Plugin output can be fully styled using CSS.

    Pricing: 1-7 properties: $49.99 monthly
    8-12 properties: $64.99 monthly
    12-20 properties: $79.99 monthly

    While this plugin has quite extensive features, it does get quite expensive as the number of properties you manage increase. It also lacks Google Maps integration which is something quite useful for property listings. This plugin is a very enpensive option if you want to manage multiple property listings (41 listings costs $159.99 monthly)

    Rating: 3.5/5

    There are many great plugins out there that offer various features to help manage your apartments and rentals. With what we’ve found so far, About Rentals offers the most features with the best value for money!